EIPBN 2023 Conference Review

The EIPBN conference, which stands for the International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication, and is also known as “3-Beams”, annually attracts scientists and engineers dedicated to electron, ion, and photon lithography, imaging, and analysis, as well as atomically precise fabrication, nanofabrication process technologies, emerging technologies, and their diverse applications across various fields.

From May 30 to June 2, 2023, several members of the Heidelberg Instruments and Heidelberg Instruments Nano staff were present in San Francisco, actively representing our company. They engaged with attendees at our booth and delivered informative talks on the conference stage.

Heidelberg Instruments COO Steffen Diez gave an overview of the Maskless Aligner as a laser lithography system dedicated to creating microstructures through Maskless Laser Lithography. His presentation outlined the milestones from concept creation to initial market introduction, and the continuing development of the MLA series for R&D and industry applications.

Dr. Emine Cagin, CTO at Heidelberg Instruments Nano delivered a thought-provoking presentation titled “Patterning with the Fourth Beam”. Emphasizing thermal lithography advancements enabled by the NanoFrazor, Emine explored diverse application domains that demonstrate the broad impact of our t-SPL technology.

Dr. Jana Chaaban, Senior Applications Engineer at Heidelberg Instruments Nano gave an insightful talk on “Image Reversal through NanoFrazor Patterning”. The photo showcases the creation of nanoblocks from patterned rectangles, highlighting the incredible potential of the NanoFrazor’s markerless overlay functionality to fabricate nanopillars on top of these nanoblocks.

Niels Wijnaendts van Resandt presented an overview of the Heidelberg Instruments parent company Lab14 and new product and application highlights from the LAB14-affiliated members including Heidelberg Instruments, GenISys, Focus Group, Specs Group, 40-30, Notion Systems, Osiris International, Nanosurf, and its newest member amcoss.

Get to know LAB14 group.

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