High & Ultra-High Resolution

300 nm with Optical and 15 nm with Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography

Resolution can be much more than just the smallest feature size possible. Depending on the application, the deciding factor for high-resolution can either be feature density, restrictions on geometry, line-edge roughness, or CD uniformity.

In ultra-high resolution lithography, for resolutions of below 100nm in size, the actual process for resist choice and etching as well as the metrology functionality become critical factors.

The specifications that we provide for our lithography systems are conservative and are easily achievable during the site acceptance, meaning that the exposure results from our systems could be better than what is advertised (as shown in a few examples).

We strive to push technology to the physical limits of resolution. Our optical systems can reach dimensions down to 300nm, while our NanoFrazor thermal scanning probe lithography systems can achieve 15nm isolated feature sizes using the ultra-sharp heated tips.

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