Flexible Small Batch Production

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) are devices that consist of micro system components with dimensions in a range of 1 µm to 100 µm. MEMS facilitate the miniaturization of existing devices, provide new functionality using physical principles not available at the macroscale, and enable the development of tools to operate in the micro-world. MEMS can present as complex machines such as sensors and actuators, or as simple structures like cantilevers, gearwheels or other mechanical parts.

Several well-known examples of MEMS are accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, biosensors, micro-pumps, micro-valves, and many more. MOEMS (Micro-Optical-Electro-Mechanical Systems), a deviation from standard MEMS, combines micro-optics with other MEMS components. Examples of these include optical switches, optical modulators, and optical interconnects.

The fabrication of MEMS is based on semiconductor process technology, consisting of deposition of material layers, patterning via photolithography, and etching to produce the required shapes.

Bulk Micromachining is a technology where the entire thickness of the silicon is used to build microstructures by applying various etching processes. For all fabrication methods, either bulk or surface micromachining, lithography is required to create etch masks on silicon or high-aspect ratio structures in thick photoresists. These requirements and processes are why Direct Write Lithography is the ideal technology to accomplish rapid prototyping of MEMS devices.

Rapid prototyping

Various structure shapes and dimensions

Throughput independent of pattern complexity

High throughput

Exposure speeds up to 5000 mm²/min

Grayscale lithography

Used to pattern both simple or complex 2.5D topographies (e.g., tapered channels)

High aspect ratio

Tall structures up to 1mm in height

No undercut

The structures can be used for replication

Application images

suitable Systems

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