Effective Pattern Transfer after NanoFrazor® Lithography

Contacts to a nanowire (lift-off), example of pattern transfer structures after thermal scanning probe lithography

Discover our two Application Notes covering this topic:

“Bilayer Lift-Off for NanoFrazor® Lithography”
“Ultra-High Resolution Pattern Transfer on NanoFrazor® Lithography”

In our recent application notes, we discuss the integration of bilayer lift-off processing with NanoFrazor® lithography technology. This combination, thanks to the precision of an ultra-sharp tip and the si    mplicity of sample preparation, enables the creation of structures under 10 nm. The process aligns smoothly with the requirements of NanoFrazor® technology, facilitating thermal scanning probe lithography with bilayer lift-off processing for effective pattern transfer.

The notes further explain how combining NanoFrazor® lithography with specifically tailored etching and lift-off methods can lead to reliable, ultra-high resolution pattern transfers. This methodical approach aims to guide users through the next steps after NanoFrazor® patterning, focusing on achieving detailed and precise nanoscale patterns.

For those in the field looking to refine their nanofabrication techniques, these insights offer practical advice on leveraging NanoFrazor® technology for high-resolution pattern transfer.

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