DWL 2000/4000 GS

The industrial-level grayscale lithography tool

DWL 2000 / 4000 GS laser lithography systems are fast and flexible high-resolution pattern generators. They are optimized for industrial-level grayscale lithography and designed for high-throughput patterning of masks and wafers for integrated circuits, MEMS, micro-optic and microfluidic devices, sensors, holograms and security features on banknotes and ID cards.

The Professional Grayscale Lithography Mode enables patterning of complex 2.5D structures in thick photoresist over large areas. With a minimum feature size of 500 nm, a write area of up to 400 mm x 400 mm and optional automatic loading system, DWL 2000 / 4000 GS systems are particularly suitable for wafer-level micro-optics used for telecommunications, illumination and industrial display manufacturing, as well as for device fabrication in life sciences.

Exposure Quality

CD uniformity 60 nm; edge roughness 40 nm; alignment accuracy 60 nm; 2nd layer alignment 250 nm; autofocus compensation 80 µm

Grayscale Lithography

1000 gray levels; dedicated GenISys BEAMER software for optimizing the exposure of complex geometries

Temperature-controlled Flow Box

Temperature stability ± 0.1°, ISO 4 environment

Exposure Speed

area of 200 mm x 200 mm in grayscale mode in <60 minutes

Large Substrate Size

Up to 20 / 40 cm

5 Write Modes

Min. features from 500 nm to 2 μm

Exposure Wavelength

Diode laser at 405 nm


Air-gauge or optical


Loading unit; additional substrate carrier station; pre-aligner and substrate scanner


Conversion software packages with 3D proximity correction (3D-PEC) for grayscale exposures of complex shapes

Customer applications

Technical Data

Write modeIIIIII IVV
Writing performance
Minimum Feature Size [µm]
Minimum Lines and Spaces [µm]0.70.911.53
Address Grid [nm]51012.52550
Edge Roughness [3σ, nm]40506080110
CD Uniformity [3σ, nm]607080130180
2nd layer alignment over 100 x 100 mm² [3σ, nm]250250250250250
Registration [3σ, nm]200200200200200
Write Speed [mm²/minute]125075270870
System features
Light sourceDiode laser with 405 nm
Maximum substrate sizeDWL GS 2000: 9″ x 9″ / DWL 4000: 17″ x 17″
Substrate thickness0 to 12 mm
Maximum exposure areaDWL 2000 GS: 200 x 200 mm² / DWL 4000 GS: 400 x 400 mm²
Temperature controlled flow boxTemperature stability ± 0.1°, ISO 4 environment
Real-time autofocusOptical autofocus or air-gauge autofocus
Autofocus compensation range80 μm
Further options
Professional Grayscale Mode1000 gray levels, professional data conversion software
Automatic loading systemAutomatic loading unit, optional additional substrate carrier station, optional pre-aligner and wafer scanner
System dimensions (DWL 2000 GS)
DWL 2000 GS lithography unit (width × depth × height); weight2020 mm × 1250 mm × 2100 mm; 2500 kg
Electronic rack (width × depth × height); weight800 mm × 650 mm × 1800 mm; 180 kg
Installation requirements
Electrical400 VAC ± 5 %, 50/60 Hz, 32 A
Compressed air6 - 10 bar
CleanroomISO 6 or better recommended

Please note
Specifications depend on individual process conditions and may vary according to equipment configuration. Write speed depends on pixel size and write mode. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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