The versatile tool for research and prototyping with variable resolution and a large selection of modules for easy customization

The DWL 66+ laser lithography tool is a high-resolution direct-write pattern generator. As an allrounder, the DWL 66+ is ideal for research and development (R&D) in microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics, sensors, non-standard substrates, advanced packaging — virtually any academic application that requires microstructure fabrication. The DWL 66+ stands out with its Grayscale Exposure Mode which creates complex 2.5D microstructures such as micro-optics for mobile applications, diffraction optical elements (DOE), computer-generated holograms, and structured surfaces.

It is a highly flexible and customizable system that precisely matches the requirements of your applications. Among the key features of the DWL 66+ are a High-Resolution Mode, front- and backside alignment, absolute position calibration and an automatic loading system.

Exposure Quality

CD uniformity 60 nm; edge roughness 50 nm; 2nd layer alignment 500 nm; autofocus compensation 80 µm

Grayscale Lithography

Up to 1000 gray levels; dedicated GenISys BEAMER software for optimizing the exposure of complex geometries


Choice of 6 write modes with 2 laser wavelengths; 3 grayscale exposure regimes; highest amount of additional modules available including automation options

6 Write Modes

Min. features from 300 nm to 4 µm

Exposure Wavelength

Diode laser at 375 nm or 405 nm


Air-gauge or optical autofocus for perfect exposure of small samples (less than 10 mm)

Variable substrate

Size from 3 mm to 230 mm

2 Grayscale Modes

Up to 1000 gray levels and a dedicated GenISys BEAMER software for optimizing the exposure of complex geometries

High-Accuracy Option

Various technical measures to improve the thermal stability and position accuracy of the stage’s coordinate system. Improved specifications for 2nd layer alignment: 350 nm

Automatic Loader

Handling of masks up to 7″ and substrates up to 8″. Optional second cassette station. Pre-aligner and wafer scanner available

Basic Freeform (BFF)

Exposures on non-planar substrates with features down to 3 μm. Typical applications are microstructures on top of convex or concave lenses

Vector Scan Mode

Patterns structures and shapes consisting of curved lines where smooth contours are required

Customer applications

Technical Data

Write modeHiResIIIIIIIVV
Writing performance
Minimum structure size [μm]
Minimum lines and spaces [half pitch, μm]0.50.811.535
Address grid [nm]5102550100200
Edge roughness [3σ, nm]50507080110160
CD uniformity [3σ, nm]607080130180250
2nd Layer Alignment over 5x5mm² [nm]250250250250350500
2nd layer alignment over 100 x 100 mm² [3σ, nm]500500500500 8001000
Max. write speed 405 nm laser [mm²/min] 313401506002000
Max. write speed 375 nm laser [mm²/min] 21030110- -
System features
Light sourceDiode laser with 405 nm or 375 nm
Substrate sizesVariable: 3 x 3 mm² to 9″ x 9″ | Customizable on request
Substrate thickness0 to 12 mm
Maximum exposure area200 x 200 mm²
Temperature controlled flow boxTemperature stability ± 0.1°, ISO 4 environment
Real-time autofocusOptical autofocus or air-gauge autofocus
Autofocus compensation range80 μm
Standard or Advanced Grayscale Mode128 / 255 gray levels respectively
Vector modeEnables the writing of stitching-free lines
Backside alignment (optional)Allows to align exposures to structures on the backside of the substrate
Advanced options - performance upgrades
High-Accuracy Coordinate SystemIncludes golden plate calibration and climate monitoring: 2nd layer alignment down to 350 nm
Professional Grayscale Mode1000 gray levels, professional data conversion software
Automatic loading systemAutomatic loading unit, optional additional cassette station, optional pre-aligner and substrate scanner
System dimensions of standard version
Height × width × depth1950 mm × 1300 mm × 1100 mm (lithography unit only)
Weight1000 kg (lithography unit only)
Installation requirements
Electrical230 VAC ± 5 %, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
Compressed air6 - 10 bar

Please note
Specifications depend on individual process conditions and may vary according to equipment configuration. Write speed depends on pixel size and write mode. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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