VPG+ 200 / VPG+400

A powerful production tool for standard photomasks and microstructures in i-line resists

The VPG+ 200 / VPG+ 400 Volume Pattern Generators are direct laser lithography systems designed for i-line resist applications on small and mid-size subtrates up to 410 x 410 mm2. Applications include product prototyping, MEMS, advanced packaging, 3D integration, LED and OLED production, microfluidics, and compound semiconductors.

The VPG+ features an ultra-high-speed exposure engine and automated alignment, both specifically developed for the VPG+ 200/ VPG+ 400 systems. This field-proven technology combines high resolution, outstanding image quality, and fast throughput. Stabilization of writing conditions ensures mask-to-mask reproducibility and compensates for any variations during long exposures.

Exposure Quality

Edge roughness 40 nm; CD uniformity 65 nm; Mura correction; edge detection

High Exposure Speed

Custom-made high-speed spatial light modulator; optimized optical engine performance and data path, making it the fastest tool available on the market in its category; 14″ (400 mm) in <21 minutes

Writing Stability

Integrated metrology system with flowbox and software correction to compensate for any variations in environmental parameters

Alignment Accuracy

2nd layer alignment 225 nm; autofocus compensation range 80 µm; stitching 60 nm

Automated Alignment

Automated global and field alignment with distortion correction. Sophisticated 2D correction matrix for stage position calibration

Variable Stage Dimensions

Accommodate substrates up to 205 mm or 410 mm

3 Write Modes

Resolution varying from 750 nm to 2 µm

Laser Source

355 nm laser for exposing i-line resists such as SU-8 and IP 3600. 532 nm laser for writing emulsion photomasks


Backside alignment, infrared alignment, special substrate handling on request

Service Contracts

Service Level Agreements for faster on-site support and access to spare parts

Customer applications

Technical Data

Write modeIIIIII
Writing performance
Minimum structure size [μm]0.7512
Address grid [nm]12.52550
Edge roughness [3σ, nm]405070
CD uniformity [3σ, nm]6575110
Stitching [3σ, nm]6070100
2nd layer alignment [3σ, nm]225350500
Write speed [mm²/min] 97031506400
System features
Light sourceHigh-power DPSS laser with 355 nm
Maximum substrate sizes9″ x 9″ / 17″ x 17″
Substrate thickness0 to 12 mm (other thicknesses on request)
Maximum exposure area205 x 205 mm2 / 410 x 410 mm2
AutofocusRealtime autofocus system (optical and pneumatic)
Autofocus compensation rangeUp to 150 µm
Flowbox(Closed-loop) temperature controlled environmental chamber
Alignment Camera system for metrology and alignment; backside and IR alignment options
Other features and optionsStage map correction, Mura correction, Edge detector system, Multiple data input formats (DXF, CIF, GDSII and Gerber files); full automatic wafer and mask handling options including prealigner, optional Zerodur™ stage and special chucks
System dimensions
System / Electronic rack
Width [mm]2605 / 800
Depth [mm]1652 / 650
Height [mm]2102 / 1800
Weight [kg]3000 / 180
Installation requirements
Electrical400 VAC ± 5 %, 50/60 Hz, 32 A
Compressed air6 - 10 bar

Please note
Specifications depend on individual process conditions and may vary according to equipment configuration. Write speed depends on pixel size and write mode. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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