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“Sauber und laufruhig im Reinraum” – ReinRaumTechnik 3/2023Energieführungssystem für die partikelfreie Halbleiterfertigung in den Anlagen von Heidelberg Instruments. Only available in German at this point.PressVPGWILEY VerlagMay, 2023pressvpgwiley-verlag
3D-printed Optics: Focused femtosecond pulses print optical components with subdiffraction-limited resolutionHigh-precision 3D printing provides a wide range of freedom in design for industrial fabrication of advanced optical components and products. LFW December Issue/2019Scientific PaperTwo-Photon Polymerization (TPP)Laser Focus WorldDecember, 2019scientific-papertwo-photon-polymerizationlaser-focus-world
A cleanroom in a gloveboxOur glovebox-integrated cleanroom achieves fabrication, characterization, and reduced facility costs in an oxygen-free and clean environment, enabling exploration of new materials, quantum phases and devices.Scientific PaperμPG 101Review of Scientific InstrumentsJuly, 2020scientific-paper%ce%bcpg-101review-of-scientific-instruments
Bilayer Lift-Off for NanoFrazor LithographyExplore bilayer lift-off with NanoFrazor lithography, addressing advantages, process details, and examples, including high-quality contacts and structures as small as 7 nm.Application NoteNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg Instruments NanoJuly, 2023application-notenanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments-nano
Biosynthesis enhancement of tropodithietic acid (TDA) antibacterial compound through biofilm formation by marine bacteria Phaeobacter inhibens on micro-structured polymer surfacesMicrofluidic channels cultivate Phaeobacter inhibens biofilms on diverse polymer surfaces, offering biocontrol potential in aquaculture by mitigating antibiotic risks. Creating diverse surfaces to promote biosynthesis.Application NoteDirect-writing, MLA 150Heidelberg Instruments, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)February, 2024application-notedirect-writing mla-150heidelberg-instruments technical-university-of-denmark-dtu
Broadband imaging with one planar diffractive lensAchromatic diffractive lenses (ADLs) enable imaging across the visible spectrum, achieving diffraction-limited focusing and high numerical aperture. Cost-effective and scalable for widespread use.Scientific PaperGrayscale, μPG 101scientific reports (nature)February, 2018scientific-papergrayscale %ce%bcpg-101scientific-reports-nature
Cubic Microcontainers Improve In Situ Colonic Mucoadhesion and Absorption of Amoxicillin in RatsMicrocontainers enhance colonic drug delivery by influencing mucoadhesion and absorption. Cubic microcontainers show better adherence and absorption of amoxicillin compared to cylindrical and triangular ones.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, MLA 100Pharmaceutics (MDPI)April, 2020scientific-paperdirect-writing mla-100pharmaceutics-mdpi
Deterministic Assembly of Single Sub-20 nm Functional Nanoparticles Using a Thermally Modified Template with a Scanning NanoprobeA deterministic technique uses hot scanning nanoprobes to assemble sub-20 nm nanoparticles, including quantum dots, into 2D arrays and complex nanostructures for various applications.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Advanced MaterialsNovember, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeadvanced-materials
Diffractive flat lens enables extreme depth-of-focus imagingMulti-level diffractive lens (MDL) designs drastically enhance depth of focus by over 4 orders of magnitude, enabling focus maintenance for objects separated by large distances.Scientific PaperGrayscale, μPG 101arXiv Physics/OpticsOctober, 2019scientific-papergrayscale %ce%bcpg-101arxiv-physics-optics
Direct Write Optical Waveguide Fabrication in organic films using a Heidelberg Laser WriterCheap and quick fabrication of mr-DWL waveguides channels on glass buried in optical polymer cladding with 350 µm radius ring resonators and 0.9 µm spacing.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66Rochester Institute of TechnologyMay, 2016scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66rochester-institute-of-technology
DWL 2000 GS / DWL 4000 GS Industrial Grayscale LithographyThe most advanced industrial grayscale lithography tool on the market.Fact SheetDWLHeidelberg InstrumentsNovember, 2021fact-sheetdwlheidelberg-instruments
DWL 66+ Ultimate Lithography SystemVersatile system for research and prototyping with variable resolution and wide selection of options.Fact SheetDWL 66Heidelberg InstrumentsApril, 2022fact-sheetdwl-66heidelberg-instruments
Evidence for metastable photo-induced superconductivity in K3C60Intense optical pulses induce transient superconductivity, evolving into stable states in K3C60 under sustained mid-infrared excitation, characterized by low resistance and extended lifetimes.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, µMLAnature physicsFebruary, 2021scientific-paperdirect-writing %c2%b5mlanature-physics
Fabrication of a fractal pattern device for focus characterizations of X-ray imaging systems by Si deep reactive ion etching and bottom-up Au electroplatingSi-based device using a fractal pattern for automatic focusing in high-resolution X-ray tomography. Achieves globally homogeneous visibility and local contrast with versatile X-ray energy applicability.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66Applied OpticsMay, 2022scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66applied-optics
Fabrication of a Silicon Electron Multiplier sensor using metal assisted chemical etching and its characterisationSiEM sensor utilizing metal-assisted chemical etching to create high aspect ratio silicon pillars with charge multiplication capabilities. Electrical tests confirm compatibility with p–n junctions.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66ScienceDirectMarch, 2024scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66sciencedirect
Fabrication Processes of Dual Compartment Microcontainers for Sequential Drug ReleaseThis application note discusses microdevice-based drug delivery, focusing on dual compartment microcontainers (DCMCs) produced via maskless UV lithography. Potential for combination therapy is highlighted.Application NoteDirect-writing, µMLAHeidelberg Instruments, IDUN DTUJuly, 2023application-notedirect-writing %c2%b5mlaheidelberg-instruments idun-dtu
Freeform nanostructuring of hexagonal boron nitrideHexagonal boron nitride (hBN), now available as atomically smooth flakes, offers unique properties in optoelectronics and nanoelectronics. Researchers demonstrate freeform nanostructuring for advanced device architectures.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)arXiv Physics/OpticsMay, 2021scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probearxiv-physics-optics
From regular periodic micro-lens arrays to randomized continuous phase profilesFor industrial illumination systems, micro-optical structures made via direct grayscale lithography achieve precise multi-wavelength intensity control, efficiency, and flexibility at a cost-effective production scale.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66Advanced Optical TechnologiesFebruary, 2015scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66advanced-optical-technologies
Generating smooth potential landscapes with thermal scanning-probe lithographyScanning probe microscopy with a NanoFrazor achieves atomic precision, enabling controlled material manipulation and high-resolution lithography, with broad applications in photonics, electronics, and nanomaterials science.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Journal of Physics: MaterialsNovember, 2023scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probejournal-of-physics-materials
Grayscale with GenISys 3D-PECWe present the powerful software solution 3D-PEC of GenISys BEAMER for rapid and easy optimization of complex 3D microstructures fabricated with Grayscale laser lithography.Application NoteDirect-writing, DWL 66, GrayscaleGenISys GmbH, Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2023application-notedirect-writing dwl-66 grayscalegenisys-gmbh heidelberg-instruments
Hollow silicon-based microneedle array for dermal interstitial fluid extraction fabricated by only dry etching on wafer scaleSilicon-based microneedles enable interstitial fluid biomarker extraction. Proposed dry etching technique achieves mass production compatibility, enhancing biomedical applications for minimally invasive diagnostics and monitoring.Application NoteDirect-writing, MLA 150EPFLMay, 2024application-notedirect-writing mla-150epfl
Imaging over an unlimited bandwidth with a single diffractive surfaceWith the control of the phase in the image plane, a single diffractive surface can correct chromatic aberrations over a wide bandwidth, simplifying imaging systems.Scientific PaperGrayscale, μPG 101arXiv Physics/OpticsJuly, 2019scientific-papergrayscale %ce%bcpg-101arxiv-physics-optics
Impact of massive parallelization on two-photon absorption micro- and nanofabricationIn this paper, massive parallelization is demonstrated which was realized by using a beam splitting diffractive optical element (DOE).Scientific PaperTwo-Photon Polymerization (TPP)SPIE. Digital LibraryMarch, 2020scientific-papertwo-photon-polymerizationspie-digital-library
Increasing the density of passive photonic integrated circuits via nanophotonic cloakingWe utilize nanophotonic cloaking to enable closer spacing of photonic-integrated devices, overcoming signal cross-talk limitations. Experimental results demonstrate efficient transmission and compact designs.Scientific PaperGrayscale, μPG 101nature communicationsNovember, 2016scientific-papergrayscale %ce%bcpg-101nature-communications
Interferometric scattering of a single plasmonic nanoparticle cluster assembled in a nanostructured templateExamining single Au nanoparticle cluster light scattering on nanostructured substrates, revealing two substrate effects via Green’s tensor theory for plasmonic nanostructure spectral interpretation.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Optics ExpressApril, 2021scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeoptics-express
Inverse-designed achromatic flat lens enabling imaging across the visible & near-infrared with diameter > 3mmA flat lens, designed through inverse design with a phase-only pupil function, achieves achromatic focusing over a broad spectrum in a single diffractive surface.Scientific PaperDWL 66, GrayscaleApplied Physics LettersJuly, 2020scientific-paperdwl-66 grayscaleapplied-physics-letters
Large Scale Fresnel Zone Plates On SiN-MembranesThis application note describes the fabrication process of Fresnel Zone Plates on a thin silicon nitride membrane substrate for X-ray optics using a DWL 66+.Application NoteDWL 66Heidelberg Instruments, XRnanotechSeptember, 2023application-notedwl-66heidelberg-instruments xrnanotech
Large-area, high-numerical-aperture multi-level diffractive lens via inverse designInverse design enables the creation of thin, high-NA flat lenses. Multi-level diffractive lens (MDL) with a NA=0.9 at 850 nm wavelength, replicable via imprint lithography.Scientific PaperDWL 66, GrayscaleHeidelberg Instruments, OpticaMarch, 2020scientific-paperdwl-66 grayscaleheidelberg-instruments optica
Light-induced anomalous Hall effect in grapheneOptical driving in quantum solids uncovers phenomena like light-induced superconductivity and anomalous Hall effect in graphene, revealing Floquet-engineered topological band structures.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, µMLAnature physicsNovember, 2019scientific-paperdirect-writing %c2%b5mlanature-physics
Low-loss buried AlGaAs/AlOx waveguides using a quasi-planar processVia-hole oxidation process for forming buried oxide-confined waveguides, resulting in straight, low-loss waveguides with smooth interfaces, simplifying III-V-semiconductor-oxide photonic device fabrication.Scientific PaperDWLHAL open scienceOctober, 2017scientific-paperdwlhal-open-science
LUMINEQ Boosts Transparent Display Innovation with Cutting-Edge MLA 300 Laser Exposure Tool from Heidelberg InstrumentsLumineq Oy, a global leader in transparent display technology, has announced a strategic investment in state-of-the-art machinery. Press Release, Lumineq Oy, Sept. 11, 2023.PressDirect-writing, MLA 300LumineqSeptember, 2023pressdirect-writing mla-300lumineq
Manufacturing strategies for scalable high-precision 3D printing of structures from the micro to the macro rangeTwo-photon absorption (TPA) provides freedom in design for the fabrication of novel products that are not feasible with conventional techniques.Scientific PaperTwo-Photon Polymerization (TPP)Advanced Optical TechnologiesMay, 2019scientific-papertwo-photon-polymerizationadvanced-optical-technologies
Maskless Aligner Technology and the MLA 300 Drive Efficient Development and Production in MicrostructuresThis overview covers a paradigm shift in micro fabrication with the benefits of maskless aligners from Heidelberg Instruments and introduces the MLA 300.WhitepaperDirect-writing, MLA 300Heidelberg InstrumentsAugust, 2021whitepaperdirect-writing mla-300heidelberg-instruments
MEMS micro-coils for magnetic neurostimulationInnovative MEMS micro-coil probe fabrication overcame brain stimulation challenges, validated in vivo. International collaboration advances micro-magnetic stimulation for applications like artificial vision and hearing.Scientific PaperMLA 150Biosensors and Bioelectronics (ScienceDirect)May, 2023scientific-papermla-150biosensors-and-bioelectronics-sciencedirect
MLA 150 Advanced Maskless AlignerThe fastest maskless tool for rapid prototyping, the alternative to the mask aligners.Fact SheetMLA 150Heidelberg InstrumentsNovember, 2021fact-sheetmla-150heidelberg-instruments
MLA 300 Industrial Maskless AlignerOptimised for industrial production with highest throughput and seamless integration into industrial production lines.Fact SheetMLA 300Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2024fact-sheetmla-300heidelberg-instruments
MPO 100 3D Lithography ToolMulti-User Tool for 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting of microstructures with applications in micro-optics, photonics, micro-mechanics and biomedical engineering.Fact SheetMPO 100, Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP)Heidelberg InstrumentsAugust, 2023fact-sheetmpo-100 two-photon-polymerizationheidelberg-instruments
Multilevel diffractive lens in the MWIR with extended depth-of-focus and wide field-of-viewCompare inverse-designed and conventional lenses in MWIR optics. The inverse-designed lens offers better depth-of-focus and off-axis performance but with larger spot size and reduced efficiency.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66Optics ExpressMay, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66optics-express
Nanofabrication of graphene field-effect transistors by thermal scanning probe lithographyThermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL) shows promise for scalable nanofabrication in nanoelectronics. It produces high-performance graphene-based transistors with simplified processing, reducing time and cost.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)APL MaterialsJanuary, 2021scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeapl-materials
Nanofluidic rocking Brownian motorsCreating precise nanofluidic slits, utilizing electrostatic forces and oscillating fields, enables controlled transport of nanoparticles, demonstrated with 60nm gold spheres and efficient sorting of particles.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)ScienceMarch, 2018scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probescience
NanoFrazorThe NanoFrazor takes nanofabrication to the next level. Building on decades of research and development, the NanoFrazor brings thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL) into your …Fact SheetNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg Instruments, Heidelberg Instruments NanoMay, 2024fact-sheetnanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments heidelberg-instruments-nano
NanoFrazor Explore Nanofabrication ToolThermal scanning probe lithography tool with a direct laser sublimation and grayscale modules.Fact SheetNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2022fact-sheetnanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments
NanoFrazor Scholar Nanofabrication ToolTable-top thermal scanning probe lithography system with in-situ AFM imaging, compact and compatible with glovebox.Fact SheetNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2022fact-sheetnanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments
Neurite guidance and neuro-caging on steps and grooves in 2.5 dimensionsWe investigate neurite guidance using semiconductor industry-compatible techniques for fabricating modulated surfaces, enabling the cultivation and study of ordered neuronal networks in a 2.5D configuration.Scientific PaperDWL 66, GrayscaleNanoscale AdvancesJuly, 2020scientific-paperdwl-66 grayscalenanoscale-advances
Normally-Off p-GaN Gate High-Electron-Mobility Transistors with the Air-Bridge Source-Connection Fabricated Using the Direct Laser Writing Grayscale Photolithography TechnologyFabrication of a p-GaN gate HEMT with an air-bridge source connection using direct grayscale lithography, achieving good performance with high breakdown voltage and low on-resistance.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66CrystalsApril, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66crystals
Novel Tunnel Magnetoresistive Sensor Functionalities via Oblique-Incidence DepositionWe improve tunnel magnetoresistive (TMR) devices by precisely shaping magnetic layers with oblique-incidence deposition, enhancing TMR design and functionality without additional magnetic materials.Scientific PaperμPG 101ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesJuly, 2021scientific-paper%ce%bcpg-101acs-applied-materials-interfaces
Optical Fourier surfacesThermal Scanning Probe Lithography and templating creating optical surfaces containing multiple specified sinusoids, enabling advanced diffractive optics, photonics, and applications in emerging photonics fields.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg Instruments, natureJune, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments nature
Optically Inspired Nanomagnonics with Nonreciprocal Spin Waves in Synthetic AntiferromagnetsA versatile platform utilizes spin waves for optically inspired wave-based processing, advancing nanoscale devices with wavefront engineering, focusing, interference, and unique properties.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Advanced MaterialsJanuary, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeadvanced-materials
Optimization of Laser Written Photomasks for Photonic Device ManufacturingSuccessful performance improvement of an ULTRA i-line laser writer for photonic device mask fabrication, reducing manufacturing costs. Thorough investigation and analysis identify optimal exposure strategies.Scientific PaperMask-making, ULTRAHeidelberg Instruments, SPIE. Digital LibrarySeptember, 2022scientific-papermask-making ultraheidelberg-instruments spie-digital-library
Outdoor measurements of a photovoltaic system using diffractive spectrum-splitting and concentrationPhotovoltaic system combining spectrum splitting and concentration using a planar diffractive optic, overcoming losses in single-bandgap absorbers & achieving a 25% increase in output power.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, μPG 101AIP AdvancesSeptember, 2016scientific-paperdirect-writing %ce%bcpg-101aip-advances
Overview on Maskless Grayscale LithographyFrom design to micro structured topography: Grayscale lithography can be used to quickly fabricate various 2.5D and 3D structures at the micro scale.VideoGrayscaleHeidelberg InstrumentsMay, 2023videograyscaleheidelberg-instruments
Patterning metal contacts on monolayer MoS2 with vanishing Schottky barriers using thermal nanolithographyThermal Scanning Probe Lithography enables precise metal electrode patterning on 2D semiconductors like MoS2, improving device performance with vanishing Schottky barriers and exceptional properties.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)nature electronicsJanuary, 2019scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probenature-electronics
Phase Nanoengineering via Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography and Direct Laser WritingNanomaterials derive unique properties from their nanostructure. A perspective explores advanced nanofabrication techniques to modify properties in condensed matter systems, discussing applications and future prospects.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66, NanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Advanced Materials TechnologiesAugust, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66 nanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeadvanced-materials-technologies
Phase-Controllable Synthesis of Ultrathin Molybdenum Nitride Crystals Via Atomic Substitution of MoS2Novel atomic substitution method creates highly conductive nonlayered molybdenum nitrides from MoS2, enabling potential nanoelectronics’ applications with maintained conductivity and stable contacts over weeks.Scientific PaperµMLAChemistry of MaterialsDecember, 2021scientific-paper%c2%b5mlachemistry-of-materials
Poly-Alanine-ε-Caprolacton-Methacrylate as Scaffold Material with Tuneable Biomechanical Properties for Osteochondral ImplantsStudy of fabrication of artificial structures for musculo-skeletal tissue engineering, which was done by Two-Photon-Polymerization (TPP).Scientific PaperTwo-Photon Polymerization (TPP)International Journal of Molecular SciencesMarch, 2022scientific-papertwo-photon-polymerizationinternational-journal-of-molecular-sciences
Rapid, Multianalyte Detection of Opioid Metabolites in WastewaterAptamer-based graphene field effect transistor (AptG-FET) platform detects three opioid metabolites in wastewater rapidly and inexpensively, providing a reliable alternative to costly laboratory-based techniques.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, µMLAACS NanoFebruary, 2022scientific-paperdirect-writing %c2%b5mlaacs-nano
Scalable fabrication of hemispherical solid immersion lenses in silicon carbide through grayscale hard-mask lithographyUtilizing grayscale lithography and hard-mask methods, silicon carbide hosts micrometer-scale features and hemispherical solid immersion lenses, boosting optical collection for quantum emitters. Scalable, reproducible, CMOS-compatible.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66, GrayscaleApplied Physics LettersApril, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66 grayscaleapplied-physics-letters
Selective Direct Laser Writing of Pyrolytic Carbon Microelectrodes in Absorber-Modified SU-8Low-power laser irradiation of SU-8 photoresist with an added absorber enables selective pyrolysis for simple and inexpensive patterning of pyrolytic carbon microelectrodes.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, µPGMicromachinesApril, 2021scientific-paperdirect-writing %c2%b5pgmicromachines
Self-aligned single-electrode actuation of tangential and wineglass modes using PMN-PTPMN–PT thin film disks, with single-electrode actuation, showcase self-aligned tangential and wineglass modes for high-frequency bulk acoustic wave (BAW) MEMS gyroscopes.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, MLA 150Microsystems & Nanoengineering (nature)May, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing mla-150microsystems-nanoengineering-nature
Sequential Drug Release Achieved with Dual-Compartment Microcontainers: Toward Combination TherapyMonodisperse dual-compartment microdevices with pH-sensitive polymer coatings enable tunable, sequential drug release in the gastrointestinal tract, providing a promising strategy for combination therapy.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, MLA 100Advanced TherapeuticsAugust, 2022scientific-paperdirect-writing mla-100advanced-therapeutics
Small Projectiles Featuring Triple-Layer Metal Cladding with Potential Applications in the field of Cell TransfectionMicro-projectiles were created through maskless UV lithography, O2 plasma treatment, silicon etching, and metal cladding. These conical micro-projectiles have applications in magnetically guided cell transfection.Application NoteDirect-writing, MLA 150Heidelberg Instruments, IDUN DTUSeptember, 2023application-notedirect-writing mla-150heidelberg-instruments idun-dtu
Spatial defects nanoengineering for bipolar conductivity in MoS2Controlling defects in monolayer MoS2 using thermochemical scanning probe lithography enables precise p- and n-type doping, vital for nanoelectronics, p-n junctions, and high rectification ratios.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)nature communicationsJuly, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probenature-communications
Spin-acoustic control of silicon vacancies in 4H silicon carbideSpin-acoustic control demonstrated on a 4H silicon carbide-based bulk acoustic resonator allows frequency-tunable probing of resonances, aiding in dynamic strain distribution analysis for microelectromechanical systems.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, MLA 150nature electronicsSeptember, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing mla-150nature-electronics
Superconducting nonlinear transport in optically driven high-temperature K3C60This study investigates the electrical responses of optically driven quantum material, revealing nonlinear current-voltage characteristics indicative of photo-induced superconductivity, with potential applications in high-speed devices.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, µMLAnature communicationsSeptember, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing %c2%b5mlanature-communications
Symmetry breaking of the surface mediated quantum Hall Effect in Bi2Se3 nanoplates using Fe3O4 substratesBottom surface-induced ferromagnetism in Bi2Se3 nanoplate devices on SiO2 and ferromagnetic insulator substrates decouples quantum Hall effects, revealing shifted half-integer QHEs in a three-channel model.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, μPG 101IOP ScienceJanuary, 2017scientific-paperdirect-writing %ce%bcpg-101iop-science
The choice of an autocorrelation length in dark‑field lung imagingX-ray dark-field radiography (XDFR) explores lung microstructures. Porcine lungs exhibit similar extinction coefficients to PMMA spheres, emphasizing the critical autocorrelation length for effective clinical imaging.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66scientific reports (nature)February, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66scientific-reports-nature
The Lithographer – Grayscale Lithography IssueThe Rise of Grayscale Lithography: Direct-write 3D patterning scaled from µm to nm. Grayscale Lithography Issue of The Lithographer, issued January 2020.The LithographerGrayscaleHeidelberg InstrumentsJanuary, 2020the-lithographergrayscaleheidelberg-instruments
The Lithographer – Quantum IssueThe Quantum Issue of The Lithographer, issued Fall 2020 Topics include: Maskless Aligners, Grayscale, 2D Materials, Quantum TechnologyThe LithographerDirect-writing, Grayscale, NanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg InstrumentsOctober, 2020the-lithographerdirect-writing grayscale nanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments
The Potential of Combining Thermal Scanning Probes and Phase-Change Materials for Tunable MetasurfacesMetasurfaces enable versatile optical wavefront control; active phase-change materials like germanium telluride offer compact, reconfigurable near-infrared metasurfaces, avoiding typical limitations.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Advanced Optical MaterialsOctober, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeadvanced-optical-materials
Thermal scanning probe lithographyThermal scanning probe lithography is a powerful nanofabrication method with 10 nm lateral resolution and 1 nm depth resolution, applicable in biomedicine, nanomagnetism, and nanoelectronics.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)nature reviews methods primerMay, 2022scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probenature-reviews-methods-primer
Thermal scanning probe lithography – a reviewReview of Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) covering its capabilities for high-resolution nanolithography and material interactions, providing insights for nanofabrication and material science challenges.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg Instruments, Microsystems & Nanoengineering (nature)April, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments microsystems-nanoengineering-nature
Thermoelectric Properties of Band Structure Engineered Topological Insulator (Bi1− xSbx)2Te3 NanowiresNanowires are promising for thermoelectric applications, but the predicted performance enhancement has not been observed yet. Surface states play a crucial role in transport characteristics.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, μPG 101Advanced Energy MaterialsMay, 2015scientific-paperdirect-writing %ce%bcpg-101advanced-energy-materials
Thermomechanical Nanocutting of 2D MaterialsA thermomechanical indentation technique enables precise cutting of monolayer 2D with 20 nm resolution, offering potential for electronic and photonic nanodevice fabrication.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Advanced MaterialsJune, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeadvanced-materials
Thermomechanical Nanostraining of Two-Dimensional MaterialsNanoindentation via thermomechanical scanning probe allows precise, nanoscale strain engineering in 2D materials like MoS2 and graphene, achieving modulated bandgaps and investigating localized strain effects.Scientific PaperNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Nano LettersOctober, 2020scientific-papernanofrazor thermal-scanning-probenano-letters
Threshold voltage reliability in flexible amorphous In–Ga–ZnO TFTs under simultaneous electrical and mechanical stressFlexible thin film transistors on 50 µm thick polyimide demonstrated stable behavior under simultaneous mechanical and electrical stress up to a 4 mm bending radius.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66Flexible and Printed ElectronicsJune, 2022scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66flexible-and-printed-electronics
ULTRA Semiconductor Mask WriterA tool specifically designed to produce mature semiconductor photomasks.Fact SheetULTRAHeidelberg InstrumentsApril, 2022fact-sheetultraheidelberg-instruments
Ultra-High Resolution Pattern Transfer on NanoFrazor LithographyHigh-resolution lithography is crucial for current and future technologies, requiring dimension reduction. NanoFrazor lithography, multi-layer stacks, and alternative strategies for superior patterns are discussed.Application NoteNanoFrazor, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg Instruments NanoJuly, 2023application-notenanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments-nano
Ultra-thick positive photoresist layers for maskless grayscale lithographyGrayscale lithography can create structured surfaces in photoresist for micro-optics applications. Experiments show promise in fabricating structures over 100 μm using a new experimental resist.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66, GrayscaleHeidelberg Instruments, SPIE. Digital LibraryApril, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66 grayscaleheidelberg-instruments spie-digital-library
Ultrasensitive UV-C detection based on MOCVD-grown highly crystalline ultrawide bandgap orthorhombic κ-Ga2O3Orthorhombic κ-Ga2O3 is a superior ultrawide bandgap material for extreme environments. We demonstrate ultrasensitive UV-C detection using Si-doped κ-Ga2O3 photodetectors.Scientific PaperµPGApplied Surface Science (ScienceDirect)January, 2023scientific-paper%c2%b5pgapplied-surface-science-science-direct
Vertical sidewalls in thick epoxy resist – a challenge for laser-based direct write lithographyAchieve straight, vertical sidewalls in thick negative-tone resist using focused laser beam-based direct write lithography, overcoming non-homogeneous illumination and non-sharp edges. (Possible application: MEMS)Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWL 66Micro and Nano Engineering (ScienceDirect)June, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing dwl-66micro-and-nano-engineering-science-direct
Vertically Coupled Microdisk Resonators Using AlGaAs/AlOx TechnologyFirst experimental demonstration of vertically-coupled micro-disk resonators to buried access waveguides on III-V semiconductor using simplified three-dimensional integration scheme, achieving high-quality devices.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, DWLHAL open scienceOctober, 2017scientific-paperdirect-writing dwlhal-open-science
Visualizing bulk and edge photocurrent flow in anisotropic Weyl semimetalsOptoelectronic materials converting light to bulk current. Unveiling anisotropic photothermoelectric effect driving complex photocurrent circulations via unequal crystal-axis thermopowers, visualized using microscopy and magnetic imaging.Scientific PaperDirect-writing, µMLAnature physicsJanuary, 2023scientific-paperdirect-writing %c2%b5mlanature-physics
VPG 300 DI Maskless StepperMaskless direct imager for high-accuracy and high-resolution microstructures.Fact SheetVPGHeidelberg InstrumentsSeptember, 2023fact-sheetvpgheidelberg-instruments
VPG+ 200 / VPG+ 400 Volume Pattern GeneratorA production tool for standard photomasks and microstructures in i-line resists.Fact SheetVPGHeidelberg InstrumentsJune, 2023fact-sheetvpgheidelberg-instruments
VPG+ 800 / VPG+ 1400 Volume Pattern GeneratorPhotomask production on large substrates, perfect for display applications.Fact SheetVPGHeidelberg InstrumentsJune, 2022fact-sheetvpgheidelberg-instruments
Wire suspended on a v-groove cavity to measure gas physical propertiesThermal flow sensors measure fluid flow by detecting heat dissipation from a heated wire. A novel silicon-based design compensates for fluctuations ensuring accuracy.Application NoteDirect-writing, MLA 150University of TwenteMay, 2024application-notedirect-writing mla-150university-of-twente
µMLA Tabletop Maskless AlignerConfigurable and compact tabletop maskless aligner with raster scan and vector exposure modules.Fact SheetµMLAHeidelberg InstrumentsApril, 2024fact-sheet%c2%b5mlaheidelberg-instruments
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