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We are thrilled to provide you with a comprehensive collection of fact sheets, research papers, whitepapers, and other documents related to Heidelberg Instruments. Our library is designed to serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about our products, applications, core technologies and key features. Not only do we publish our own information here, but we also feature joint documents produced with partners and papers by other authors using our systems. Some links may lead to external sources.

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DWL 2000 GS / DWL 4000 GS Industrial Grayscale LithographyThe most advanced industrial grayscale lithography tool on the market.Fact SheetDWLHeidelberg InstrumentsNovember, 2021fact-sheetdwlheidelberg-instruments
DWL 66+ Ultimate Lithography SystemVersatile system for research and prototyping with variable resolution and wide selection of options.Fact SheetDWL 66Heidelberg InstrumentsApril, 2022fact-sheetdwl-66heidelberg-instruments
From design to micro structured topography: an overview on Maskless Grayscale LithographyFrom laser material processing, medical applications, optical sensors, spectroscopy, and to optical communication, Heidelberg Instruments’ comprehensive range of maskless laser lithography and nanofabrication systems provide …VideoGrayscaleHeidelberg InstrumentsMay, 2023videograyscaleheidelberg-instruments
Grayscale with GenISys 3D-PECWe present the powerful software solution 3D-PEC of GenISys BEAMER for rapid and easy optimization of complex 3D microstructures fabricated with Grayscale laser lithography.Application NoteDirect-writing, DWL 66, GrayscaleGenISys GmbH, Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2023application-notedirect-writing dwl-66 grayscalegenisys-gmbh heidelberg-instruments
MLA 150 Advanced Maskless AlignerThe fastest maskless tool for rapid prototyping, the alternative to the mask aligners.Fact SheetMLA 150Heidelberg InstrumentsNovember, 2021fact-sheetmla-150heidelberg-instruments
MLA 300 Industrial Maskless AlignerOptimised for industrial production with highest throughput and seamless integration into industrial production lines.Fact SheetMLA 300Heidelberg InstrumentsOctober, 2022fact-sheetmla-300heidelberg-instruments
MPO 100 3D Lithography ToolMulti-User Tool for 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting of microstructures with applications in micro-optics, photonics, micro-mechanics and biomedical engineering.Fact SheetMPO 100, Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP)Heidelberg InstrumentsJanuary, 2022fact-sheetmpo-100 two-photon-polymerizationheidelberg-instruments
NanoFrazor® Explore Nanofabrication ToolThermal scanning probe lithography tool with a direct laser sublimation and grayscale modules.Fact SheetNanoFrazor®, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2022fact-sheetnanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments
NanoFrazor® Scholar Nanofabrication ToolTable-top thermal scanning probe lithography system with in-situ AFM imaging, compact and compatible with glovebox.Fact SheetNanoFrazor®, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg InstrumentsMarch, 2022fact-sheetnanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments
The Lithographer – Grayscale Lithography IssueThe Rise of Grayscale Lithography: Direct-write 3D patterning scaled from µm to nm. Grayscale Lithography Issue of The Lithographer, issued January 2020.The LithographerGrayscaleHeidelberg InstrumentsJanuary, 2020the-lithographergrayscaleheidelberg-instruments
The Lithographer – Quantum IssueThe Quantum Issue of The Lithographer, issued Fall 2020 Topics include: Maskless Aligners, Grayscale, 2D Materials, Quantum TechnologyThe LithographerDirect-writing, Grayscale, NanoFrazor®, Thermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Heidelberg InstrumentsOctober, 2020the-lithographerdirect-writing grayscale nanofrazor thermal-scanning-probeheidelberg-instruments
Thermal scanning probe lithography – a reviewFundamental aspects and state-of-the-art results of thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL) are reviewed here.Scientific PaperThermal Scanning Probe (t-SPL)Microsystems & NanoengineeringApril, 2020scientific-paperthermal-scanning-probemicrosystems-nanoengineering
ULTRA Semiconductor Mask WriterA tool specifically designed to produce mature semiconductor photomasks.Fact SheetULTRAHeidelberg InstrumentsApril, 2022fact-sheetultraheidelberg-instruments
VPG+ 200 / VPG+ 400 Volume Pattern GeneratorA production tool for standard photomasks and microstructures in i-line resists.Fact SheetVPGHeidelberg InstrumentsJune, 2022fact-sheetvpgheidelberg-instruments
VPG+ 800 / VPG+ 1400 Volume Pattern GeneratorPhotomask production on large substrates, perfect for display applications.Fact SheetVPGHeidelberg InstrumentsJune, 2022fact-sheetvpgheidelberg-instruments
µMLA Tabletop Maskless AlignerConfigurable and compact tabletop maskless aligner with raster scan and vector exposure modules.Fact SheetµMLAHeidelberg InstrumentsOctober, 2022fact-sheet%c2%b5mlaheidelberg-instruments
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