Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium

Progress in nanofabrication never stops. Tools and processes keep evolving, enabling devices that were not feasible just a few years ago. The annual – and already traditional – Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium is a place where you can get all important updates about the available solutions for making advanced devices.

On June 30, starting at 10 am CEST online,
experts in various areas of direct writing will share their latest developments and results. Representatives of Heidelberg Instruments, GenISys, micro resist technology, Raith and Nanoscribe will talk about their new tools, solutions and materials for nanofabrication. You will also be able to visit booths of all the organizers and to talk to all speakers and other participants directly.

Participation in the Symposium is free of charge. To view the agenda and register for the event, click here.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium!


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