Stitching-free micro-optics with MPO 100

The MPO 100 fabricates micro-optics stitching-free without unwanted artifacts

IFoV writing mode for stitching-free micro-optics

Superior quality of optical components without stitching defects can be achieved with Infinite Field-of-View (IFoV) writing mode, using the synchronized 5-axes design in Heidelberg Instruments Würzburg’s (formerly Multiphoton Optics’) MPO 100 direct laser writing equipment.

The left side of the picture above shows a cylindrical microlens array fabricated with stitching. A major drawback of this technique are unwanted stitching artifacts, here running perpendicular to the direction of fabrication, which will lead to a degradation of quality for many optical components.

The right side of the picture  shows the cylindrical microlens array fabricated by using IFoV writing mode. By synchronizing the stage and galvo axes, it is possible to write large structures without stitching.

About MPO 100

MPO 100 – a TPP tool for 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting for optics, photonics, mechanics, and biomedical engineering

Launched into the market at SPIE Photonics West 2022 in San Francisco, the two-photon polymerization tool combines both the requirements of 3D lithography with resolutions in the 100 nm range and 3D microprinting with structure heights of over one centimeter, all in one device. Component heights of over 1 cm and surfaces with roughness in the order of 10 nm are easily achievable.

MPO 100 consists of a sophisticated exposure unit for two-photon polymerization and an industrial platform, which guarantees the required stability and meets the necessary industry standards. The MPO 100, featuring the capability for stitching-free micro-optics, is a reliable tool for universities, R&D institutions, as well as the industry and offers significant advantages for new developments in areas such as micro-optics, microfluidics, and biomedicine.

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Micro-optics with Heidelberg Instruments systems

Heidelberg Instruments systems provide the capability to design and fabricate micro-optics, resp. micro-optical components either with Direct Write Lithography or 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting.

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