Quantum Devices

A Mega-Trend with High Demands on Lithography

Research and development activities on quantum devices are strongly growing worldwide. Future quantum devices promise to revolutionize computing, sensing and data communication. Prototypes and ideas for quantum devices are very diverse and based on a wide variety of particles and quasi particles and their specific properties and interactions.

Ultra-high resolution patterning e.g. for well defined tunneling gaps or plasmonic cavities

Non-invasive lithography in order not to disturb the quantum materials like topological insulators

Accurate and fast placement of electrodes onto low dimensional materials with unknown position (2D material flakes, dispersed nanowires etc)

The 3D environment and topography can be crucial to finetune photon interactions in quantum devices

Ultra-high resolution

for well defined and low roughness features and gaps

Non-invasive nanolithography

without charged high energy beams allow working with sensitive materials

Accurate overlay

by simply drawing the electrodes onto the AFM image or optical image

Accurate grayscale lithography

to control 3D topography down to the single nanometer

Application images


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