Nanofluidics & Nanobiology

Nanofluidic Devices Enabled by Grayscale Nanolithography

Handling small volumes of liquids in nanofluidic channels is often used in nano- and biotechnology. The applications range from DNA sequencing to sorting, assembling, and manipulating nanoparticles, proteins, enzymes or viruses.

Ultra-high resolution holes and channels for single DNA molecules to pass through

Accurate 2.5D topography of a channel guides of particles in the liquid

Local variations of surface chemistry control binding and assembly of biomolecules

Ultra-high resolution

Pattern small holes, channels, or assembly traps

Grayscale lithography

Control 2.5D topography down to the single nanometer

Nanoscale thermal conversion

Create local binding sites, e.g., amine groups

Easy operation

Inspected nanopatterns in-situ, no vacuum or clean room required

Application images


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