1D & 2D Materials

Low-Damage Lithography with Accurate Overlay on Sensitive 1D & 2D Materials

Devices made of 1D and 2D materials and their stacks often exhibit interesting physics. Impurities and defects, however, can limit performance of such devices.

Preserve the pristine material’s properties

Accurate and fast alignment to flakes or existing electrodes

High resolution patterning (e.g. for creation of ribbons)

Glove-box compatibility for 2D materials sensitive to air contact

Markerless overlay

In-situ AFM for accurate alignment

Non-invasive patterning

Pristine material properties not affected by charged particles or resist residues

Ultra-high resolution

Narrow gaps, ribbons, gate electrodes, constrictions, etc.


Nanopatterning of sensitive materials in a controlled atmosphere

Application images


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