Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium

Join us for the 3rd Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium, hosted on This online event brings together technical experts, customers and users from Heidelberg Instruments, micro resist technology GmbH, Nanoscribe, GenISys GmbH and Raith. Discover the latest technologies and products for Nano-Micro-Lithography. Several system users from the participating companies will provide detailed insights into their microfabrication projects and describe experiences with various products and technologies. In addition, there will be an inspiring student project pitch and numerous networking opportunities to discuss your projects. Also new is a dedicated job fair with information on current job openings and the opportunity to talk specifically about jobs and careers with representatives from participating companies.

Thanks to the interactive platform, you have the opportunity to attend presentations in conference rooms, meet all the participating companies at their booths or network with other participants while strolling through the event rooms. Take the chance to get inspiration for your innovation projects, meet Heidelberg Instruments and discuss your goals in microfabrication with us.

We especially invite you to the talk of our technical expert Dominique Collé on “Maskless Grayscale Lithography”. In addition, Prof. Kenneth Burch from Boston College will proceed with a presentation on “Cleanroom in a Glovebox” to show how it was built and the research it enables. His team works on 2D topological magnets and superconductors, and on using CVD-grown graphene for biosensing applications.

View the agenda and register here to be part of the online event with a great variety of insights into cutting-edge research and multiple opportunities for networking and talking to our experts about your planned innovation project.

We look forward to seeing you online on November 4th!


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