Press Release “LUMINEQ Boosts Transparent Display Innovation with Cutting-Edge MLA 300 Laser Exposure Tool from Heidelberg Instruments” by LUMINEQ dtd. Sept. 11, 2023

LUMINEQ Boosts Transparent Display Innovation with Cutting-Edge MLA 300 Laser Exposure Tool from Heidelberg Instruments, MLA 300 on site in lab under yellow lights

September 1, 2023, Espoo, Finland – Lumineq Oy, a global leader in transparent display technology, has announced a strategic investment in state-of-the-art machinery, including the MLA 300 laser exposure tool from Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH. This move aims to bring the quality and efficiency of LUMINEQ transparent displays to the next level, and to open new avenues in R&D and accelerate time-to-market for innovative products.

The MLA 300 brings unprecedented precision and efficiency to the lithography process. Utilizing laser patterning technology, the machine works on conductive ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide) thin films to create intricate display content. This maskless exposure method ensures a higher degree of accuracy and reliability, allowing for precise alignment between two ITO layers. This technological leap not only empowers designers with greater creative freedom but also enables the displays to support rich, segmented content with fine details as small as 4 μm. These advancements have proven to be especially beneficial in optics applications, including but not limited to riflescopes, microscopes, night vision devices, and rangefinders.

“Choosing Heidelberg Instruments as our partner was a strategic decision backed by rigorous testing and evaluation. The decision was influenced by multiple factors, including their responsiveness, flexibility, and technical acumen. Their end-to-end support—from pre-sales to after-sales—along with their ability to deliver a turnkey solution for seamless 24/7 operation, were pivotal in our decision-making.” says Chriss Lehtonen, Head of Operations at Lumineq Oy.

The ongoing global demand for advanced optics and transparent displays, accelerated by the pandemic, has made innovation more crucial than ever. Lumineq Oy’s new investment positions the company at the forefront of this burgeoning market.

“At Heidelberg Instruments, we’re commited to delivering top-notch technology that seamlessly integrates into our clients’ production lines. The custom loading solution we developed for the MLA 300 exemplifies this commitment and we’re thrilled it will play a key role in LUMINEQ’s ambitious growth plans.” says Philip Paul, Product Manager of the MLA 300.

Overall, the collaboration with Heidelberg Instruments and the integration of the MLA 300 have yielded remarkable successes. LUMINEQ is excited about future investments that will continue to elevate customer service and product quality.

About Lumineq Oy
Lumineq Oy is a market leader in cutting-edge transparent display technology, serving optical device and vehicle manufacturers with the world’s most transparent displays. LUMINEQ transparent displays can be integrated into optical products such as scopes, night vision devices and range finders, bringing dynamic information to the line of sight, enabling guided operations and improving situational awareness for users. LUMINEQ in-glass displays offer robust heads-up-display (HUD) solutions and enable vehicle makers to convert idle glass surfaces into usable information displays with optional touch capability.

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