Positioning Systems

Customized Stage Systems and Interferometers

Fast, precise, and reliable positioning is critical for lithography. We are proud to design and manufacture our unique positioning systems. We have more than three decades’ experience of constant improvements and satisfying the requirements of the most demanding industrial customers.
Our VPG+ systems handle substrates up to 1400 x 1400 mm² and run 24/7 for manufacturing. Larger substrates require specially designed systems, in which the substrate is stationary, and the exposure unit is moved during the writing process. We have designed and installed these types of systems for fabrication of linear encoders with dimensions of 3100 x 50 mm² and for large area photomask production with an area up to 2400 x 1900 mm² – the latter system is also equipped with a fully automatic handling system.
Most of Heidelberg Instruments tools feature our unique air bearing systems with powerful and accurate linear motors. High placement accuracy is achieved by smart usage of differential interferometers, precise optical alignment procedures (frontside or backside), and appropriate vibration isolation and climate control. For most demanding applications we manufacture the sample chucks made entirely out of ZERODUR®.
Our NanoFrazor® systems comprise custom-designed piezo scanners to ensure high scan speed and positioning accuracy, and to prevent out-of-plane movement of the tip. High resolution in-situ AFM imaging is used to achieve high local placement accuracy for overlay or stitching.
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