High & Ultra-High Resolution

300 nm with Optical and 15 nm with Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography

Resolution is much more than smallest feature size. Depending on the application, the actual deciding factor for resolution can be feature density, restrictions on geometry, line-edge roughness or critical dimension uniformity (CDU).
For ultra-high resolution below 100 nm size, the actual process (resist choice, etching, etc) as well as metrology become critical.
For our lithography systems, we specify numbers that can be easily demonstrated during site acceptance tests of the systems. With more effort and good process control, even better results can be achieved (as shown with some of the examples).
At Heidelberg Instruments we push technology to approach the physical limits of resolution. Our optical lithography systems can reach dimensions down to 300 nm (smaller also demonstrated). Below this resolution, we offer our NanoFrazor systems, which have been demonstrated to go even below 10 nm resolution using their ultra-sharp heated tips.

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