High Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratios of up to 40:1 in SU-8

MEMS, microfluidics and other applications often require microstructures with high aspect ratio. Our direct-write lithography systems can directly expose thick resists like SU-8. Perfectly straight vertical walls can be obtained, because the diameter of entrance pupil can be adjusted so that the depth of field (DOF) becomes very large (reducing numerical aperture). Features with ultra-high lateral resolution and aspect ratio can be produced by etch amplification using reactive ion etching.

Application images

suitable Systems

DWL 66+ – a laser lithography tool for R&D in microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics and more with Grayscale exposure mode

DWL 66+

  • Direct Write Laser Lithography System

Our most versatile system for research and prototyping with variable resolution and wide selection of options.

MLA 150 – a maskless lithography tool for nanofabrication of quantum devices, MEMS, micro-optics and other applications

MLA 150

  • Maskless Aligner

The fastest maskless tool for rapid prototyping, the alternative to the mask aligners. Perfect for standard binary lithography.

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