Maskless lithography

Maskless lithography brings the missing flexibility to lithography. Without the time and cost constraints of a fixed mask, a design can be modified minutes before it is exposed.  High throughput maskless aligners are making maskless lithography attractive as the modern-day alternative to the traditional Mask Aligner. Maskless lithography systems expose a design pattern directly onto the resist-covered substrate surface. They typically comprise a UV light source (laser), a light modulator which converts digital data into a light pattern, and optical elements to project the pattern onto the substrate.  As with standard mask-based lithography, the light pattern is selected as binary on or off, exposing the complete resist thickness.


The MPO 100 fabricates micro-optics stitching-free without unwanted artifacts

IFoV writing mode for stitching-free micro-optics Superior quality of optical components without stitching defects can be achieved with Infinite Field-of-View (IFoV) writing mode, using the synchronized 5-axes design in Multiphoton

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MLA 150 – a maskless lithography tool for nanofabrication of quantum devices, MEMS, micro-optics and other applications

Heidelberg, Germany – We are happy to announce that one hundred and fifty MLA 150 Maskless Aligners have been successfully installed worldwide at our customers facilities. First launched to the


NEMS Masks
2D Materials Microfluidics
Nanofluidics & Nanobiology Nanoelectronics
Material Science Photomasks
Nanoimprint Templates Advanced Packaging


Key Features

NEMS Masks
Microfluidics Nanoelectronics
Quantum Devices Photomasks

Key Features

Core Technologies

NEMS Masks
Microfluidics Nanoelectronics
Quantum Devices Photomasks

Core Technologies

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Our clients

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MPO 100 – a TPP tool for 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting for optics, photonics, mechanics, and biomedical engineering

Multi-User Tool for 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting of microstructures with applications in micro-optics, photonics, micro-mechanics and biomedical engineering.

NanoFrazor Explore – Thermal Scanning Probe lithography with direct laser sublimation and grayscale patterning capability

Thermal scanning probe lithography tool with a direct laser sublimation and grayscale modules, excellent alternative to e-beam lithography tools.

NanoFrazor Scholar – the academic nanofabrication tool for nanopatterning of quantum devices, grayscale photonics and more

Table-top thermal scanning probe lithography system with in-situ AFM imaging, compact and compatible with glovebox.

ULTRA – a laser mask writer for semiconductor photomasks, which are the basis for electronic devices such as microcontrollers

A tool specifically made to produce non-critical semiconductor photomasks for 130 nm designs and non-Manhattan designs.

The VPG+ 800 and VPG+ 1400 – Large-area volume pattern generators for the display industry, for advanced packaging, and more

Photomask production on large substrates, perfect for display applications.

VPG+ 200 and VPG+ 400 – Volume Pattern Generators designed for i-line resist applications like MEMS and advanced packaging

A production tool for standard photomasks and microstructures in i-line resists.

DWL 2000 GS and DWL 4000 GS industrial-level grayscale lithography for masks and wafers for IC, MEMS, micro-optic, and more

The most advanced industrial grayscale lithography tool on the market.

DWL 66+ – a laser lithography tool for R&D in microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics and more with Grayscale exposure mode

Our most versatile system for research and prototyping with variable resolution and wide selection of options.

MLA 300 – industrial maskless aligner for production of sensors, MEMS, microfluidics, advanced packaging, displays, and more

Optimised for industrial production with highest throughput and seamless integration into industrial production lines.

MLA 150 – a maskless lithography tool for nanofabrication of quantum devices, MEMS, micro-optics and other applications

The fastest maskless tool for rapid prototyping, the alternative to the mask aligners. Perfect for standard binary lithography.

Unsere Produkte entdecken

Company Story


Do you have the courage to drive forward and implement your ideas with a lot of scope for development and personal responsibility? We provide the trusting atmosphere of our family-business at Heidelberg Instruments for you to do just that – true to our motto of “Trusting in brave ideas.”


Heidelberg Instruments designs, develops, and manufactures maskless laser lithography systems for the fabrication of micro-structures, serving the global photolithography community in both the direct writing field and in photomask production.

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