VPG+ 800/1100/1400

Large–Area Volume Pattern Generators
For Fabrication of Masks and Displays

Our Large Area VPG+ systems are perfectly equipped for applications such as photomask fabrication for advanced packaging, semiconductors, displays, color filters, LEDs, and touch panel applications. The systems support all industrial data formats and offer Mura optimization functions ensuring excellent CD uniformity and resolution. The closed-loop environmental chambers comply with the most stringent requirements for use in advanced photomask technology. Because of their speed, attractive system price, and low running costs, the Large Area VPG+ series represents the most productive solution for large area photomask applications.

The VPG+ 1400 is our largest system and particularly aimed at applications in the display industry: FPD applications like TFT-arrays and color filters, and ITO. The VPG+ 1400 features a particularly powerful environmental chamber, a differential interferometer with a resolution down to 1.2 nm, and advanced Mura correction capabilities.

Key Features

  • Maximum substrate size: 800 x 800 mm2 / 1100 x 1100 mm2 / 1400 x 1400 mm2
  • Minimum feature size: Down to 0.75 μm
  • Maximum write speed (at 4 μm feature size): 16500 mm2 / min
  • Real-time autofocus system
  • High power DPSS laser with 355 nm
  • Camera system for metrology and alignment
  • Closed-loop environmental chamber
  • Automatic substrate loading system
  • Stage map correction
  • Mura correction
  • Edge detector system
  • Multiple data input formats (DXF, CIF, GDSII and Gerber files)

Application images


Flat panel displays

The VPG+ series can be used for all display-related applications. In this field, the quality requirements on photomasks are exceptional. One key specification is the so-called Mura condition, describing "unevenness" as a result of any disturbance in a regular periodic pattern. If Mura condition fails to meet the requirements, the final display might havedark spots or patches. The VPG+ series of Maskless Lithography Systems offer special Mura optimization function for good Mura condition and excellent CD uniformity and resolution.

Photomask production

Since 2007, VPG systems and their successors, the VPG+ systems, proved to be the ideal solution for the high-volume production of demanding photomasks ⁠— especially for electronic packaging, color filters, light emitting diodes, and touch panels. As a master template for photolithographic manufacturing, such photomasks have to fulfill highest requirements for the line width uniformity, pattern position accuracy, edge roughness and minimum feature size. VPG+ systems ensure the required quality for the wafer size up to 1400 mm.


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