VPG+ 200 and VPG+ 400

Multi-Purpose Volume Pattern Generators

Our Multi-Purpose Volume Pattern Generators are perfectly suited for the production of standard photomasks as well as for i-line resist applications. An ultra-high-speed exposure engine and automated alignment capability both contribute to systems that excel through high resolution, outstanding image quality, and fast throughput.

Our VPG+ 200 and 400 systems present a perfect solution for applications that use i-line resists such as SU-8 and IP 3600, for example for rapid prototyping applications in microfluidics. In combination with their high speed and resolution, the VPG+ 200 and 400 therefore provide an excellent alternative to an i-line stepper.

Typical applications for the smaller exposure area members of the VPG+ family include such demanding fields as MEMS, advanced packaging, 3D integration, LED production, and compound semiconductors.

Key Features

  • Maximum substrate size: 8” (VPG+ 200) and 16” (VPG+ 400) respectively
  • Minimum feature size: Down to 0.75 μm
  • Address grid: Down to 12.5 nm
  • Maximum write speed (at structure size 4 um): 13500 mm2/min
  • Exchangeable write modes
  • Real-time autofocus system
  • High power DPSS laser with 355 nm wavelength
  • Camera system for metrology and alignment
  • Closed-loop climate chamber
  • Automatic substrate loading system
  • Stage map correction
  • Edge detector system
  • Multiple data input formats (DXF, CIF, GDSII and Gerber)

Application images


Advanced Packaging

The VPG+ series present the solution to fabricate high quality photomasks required for advanced packaging applications. For some applications, e.g Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) for 3D integrated circuits, direct write lithography is currently the only available advanced packaging solution. The VPG+ series of maskless lithography systems offer high speed, automatic distortion compensation and excellent resolution in order to master these applications.

Mix&Match approach

The IMS Gate Forest® technology is a “sea-of-gates” mixed-signal gate array integrating analog and digital functionality on a single chip. The microelectronic elements on the master can be individually configured by adding the respective contacts. In a Mix&Match-approach, stepper lithography patterned the CMOS masters, and personalized contacts and metallization layers were added using VPG 400 laser lithography. Courtesy of IMS Chips

Diffractive Optical Elements

8-level quartz Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) exposed using VPG system. The pixels are about 2 μm in size, the array of devices covers an area of about 20 mm.
Courtesy of IMS Chips


Waveguides for Photonics applications created using Mix&Match-approach with both e-beam and laser lithography.
Courtesy of IMS Chips

Large arrays of microstructures

A full 150-mm-wafer filled with a hexagonal pillar array. In such 2D replication master, no visible stitching errors are allowed. The resulting circular structures have a diameter of around 1.7 μm at the top and around 3 μm at the pitch.
Courtesy of IMS Chips


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