NanoFrazor Professional

Advanced nanofabrication capabilities for industry

The NanoFrazor Professional is a platform that can be customized to meet individual requirements for industrial applications. The standard Professional has all unique NanoFrazor capabilities. It is additionally equipped with a specially designed 8-inch wafer platform and an adapted high-speed piezo scanner for moving the tip. Various extensions can be added to increase speed, placement accuracy or automation.

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Key Features

  • Direct heated probe writing with resolution below 15 nm
  • In-situ high-speed AFM topography imaging
  • Sample size up to 200 x 200 mm2 (larger on request)
  • Customized and optimized for individual applications
  • Upcoming: Multi-Tip patterning and imaging module
  • Upcoming: high speed laser writer module
  • Upcoming: automated tip exchange module

Application images


Process development for future semiconductor nodes

Semiconductor chip manufacturing demands enormous efforts in the development of resists and hard mask materials as well as etch and deposition processes. It is extremely cumbersome and expensive to use the actual manufacturing lithography technologies like EUV and DUV for testing of new materials and etch processes at the nanoscale. Direct write nanolithography with high resolution and fast turnaround can help to lower costs and time for process development significantly.
(image: Si fin etched from NanoFrazor patterned PPA, courtesy of imec)

Mastering for nanoimprint lithography (NIL)

NanoFrazor lithography can offer the unique capability of patterning single-nanometer accurate, high-resolution nanoimprint lithography (NIL) master templates. Complex 3D shapes with very accurately defined depth can be replicated in large numbers in the NIL process and find applications in, for example photonics, optics and nanofluidics.
(image: multilevel hologram NIL master replicated by EVG Smart NIL)

Manufacturing devices with nanofeatures in small areas

Numerous devices like biosensors, NEMS, quantum circuits or DFB lasers require precise nanostructures only in small areas of each device. It can be very cost effective to use direct write nanolithography instead of EUV or DUV to manufacture such parts of the nanodevices. The NanoFrazor Professional is a good candidate here, in particular if the unique NanoFrazor capabilities are advantageous for the device performance or if costs of ownership of electron beam lithography are discouraging.
(image: room temperature single electron transistors made with mix & match with stepper & NanoFrazor + Laser, courtesy of IBM Research)


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