Webinars: NanoFrazor

NanoFrazor Products - Features & Specifications

Speaker: Dr ZhengMing Wu, Heidelberg Instruments Nano


  • Review the key capabilities of the NanoFrazor products
  • Learn about the NanoFrazor cantilevers and other main hardware components
  • Discover the range of software features
  • Get an overview about options, extensions and accessories
  • Walkthrough of the training and installation process
  • Learn about our NanoFrazor Recipe Book and how we can support our customers also with process development
  • Understand the differences between the NanoFrazor products and their technical specifications


Presentation: 15 min

Q&A: 15 min

Webinar recording

Speaker's Bio

ZhengMing Wu was an application and sales engineer for several years at the Aerial Ministry Research Institute and W.L. Gore & Associates Ltd. in Shanghai before she received an MSc in physics at the University of Basel. During her PhD in Basel, she fabricated nano-devices using UV and e-beam lithography in the group of Prof. Schönenberger. In 2009, she joined Nanosurf where she successfully set up and developed the sales network for Scanning Probe Microscopy systems in Asia. In 2014, she joined Heidelberg Instruments Nano as the first salesperson and established a worldwide sales network. ZhengMing can be found at numerous international conferences, seminars and workshops where she explains the NanoFrazor technology and discusses applications.


Webinar Series description

The “NanoFrazor Technology” webinars will explain the main features and limitations of NanoFrazor lithography. They will be hosted by the key experts of our R&D teams. You will learn how our technology works, and where and why it is superior or inferior to conventional nanolithography techniques. We will also share the results and insights of our ongoing development projects.

The “NanoFrazor Applications” series will show examples from different application fields, where the NanoFrazor was used to fabricate unique nanopatterns and devices. The guest speakers - scientists who actively use NanoFrazor - will talk about their work and recent results.

The “NanoFrazor Sales” webinars will focus on NanoFrazor products. We will talk about hardware components and software features of the NanoFrazor systems. We will also cover the cost-of-ownership and how to receive a quick return on investment. Finally, we will also offer a dedicated webinar where you will learn about the various funding options for NanoFrazor systems and how to maximize your chances to get your funding proposal accepted.


Test yourself and win! After each webinar, you can test what you have learned in a short multiple-choice questions challenge. With 10 or more successful tests, you will receive a small prize and a unique Nanofabrication Guru certificate.