Webinars: NanoFrazor

High-resolution Etching Processes

Speaker: Dr Emine Cagin, Heidelberg Instruments Nano



  • Understand why ultra high resolution typically requires ultrathin resists
  • Discover that it is possible to transfer very shallow (< 5nm) and very high resolution (< 15nm half-pitch) patterns with high amplification into underlying substrates
  • Learn about our specially developed spin coatable inorganic and organic hard mask transfer layers
  • Understand the limitations of processes and when and why to use these processes
  • Learn from various examples with different geometries and materials
  • Get insight into modern opportunities for resist modifications - like sequential infiltration synthesis (SIS) done at imec with patterned PPA resist


Presentation: 15min

Q&A: 15min


July 2, 2020, 08:45 CEST




Patterning ultra-high-resolution features with t-SPL requires the use of ultra-thin resist layers, posing challenges to subsequent pattern transfer processes. A few-nm-thick hard mask to enable the transfer of PPA patterns into a layer of spin-on carbon for further amplification of the shallow t-SPL patterns can be a solution that fits many applications. We will discuss pinhole-free spin-on resists that make etching with depth amplification at these scales possible.

Speaker's Bio:

Emine Cagin has more than 15 years of nano- and microtechnology experience in academia and industry. She was working for Analog Devices and Shipley, before she received an MSc and PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Emine was a post-doctoral fellow at ETH Zurich in the Micro and Nanosystems group, focusing on electrical contacts to carbon nanotubes. From 2014 to 2018, she was a senior staff scientist at NTB Buchs, where she led numerous applied research projects in microtechnology in close collaboration with industry partners.

At Heidelberg Instruments Nano, Emine supports existing and prospective customers with processes and applications and leads various product development projects.


Webinar Series description

The “NanoFrazor Technology” webinars will explain the main features and limitations of NanoFrazor lithography. They will be hosted by the key experts of our R&D teams. You will learn how our technology works, and where and why it is superior or inferior to conventional nanolithography techniques. We will also share the results and insights of our ongoing development projects.

The “NanoFrazor Applications” series will show examples from different application fields, where the NanoFrazor was used to fabricate unique nanopatterns and devices. The guest speakers - scientists who actively use NanoFrazor - will talk about their work and recent results.

The “NanoFrazor Sales” webinars will focus on NanoFrazor products. We will talk about hardware components and software features of the NanoFrazor systems. We will also cover the cost-of-ownership and how to receive a quick return on investment. Finally, we will also offer a dedicated webinar where you will learn about the various funding options for NanoFrazor systems and how to maximize your chances to get your funding proposal accepted.


Test yourself and win! After each webinar, you can test what you have learned in a short multiple-choice questions challenge. With 10 or more successful tests, you will receive a small prize and a unique Nanofabrication Guru certificate.