The Lithographer: a new magazine about direct-write lithography


Heidelberg Instruments launched this project to share what we know the best — emerging capabilities of the direct-write approach to micro- and nanofabrication in cleanrooms and at industrial production lines. The Lithographer will cover the state-of-the-art direct-write techniques: e.g. laser, e-beam and thermal scanning probe lithography, and other relevant technologies: software, resist chemistry, pattern transfer processes, etc. Leading scientists, micro/nanofabrication experts, and equipment manufacturers will share their know-how and outlook on these matters.

A short summary of the content:

  • Overview of the state-of-the-art in direct-write grayscale lithography on micro- and nanoscale
  • Rajesh Menon from the University of Utah talks about flat lenses nanophotonics, and computational imaging.
  • Armin Knoll from IBM Research talks about rocking Brownian motors
  • Steffen Diez, COO of Heidelberg Instruments, shares the story of the MLA tolls and the launch of MLA300 for industrial production
  • Experts’ know-how: Grayscale lithography of complex microstructures, grayscale photoresist series from micro resist technology GmbH, and closed-loop 3D nanolithography.

You can download the magazine, subscribe to the free printed version or leave your feedback here.

The cover images are 3D-patterned with the NanoFrazor, image courtesy of NASA and Apollo 11 mission, the height scale bar is in nm.


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