New website, new logo and new tools

Welcome to the Heidelberg Instruments’ new website! We are launching it together with a few new products: the versatile table-top maskless aligner μMLA and the industry champion ULTRA. The NanoFrazor technology – a recent expansion of Heidelberg Instruments into the nanoscale domain – received a laser add-on for high-throughput high-precision micro/nanopatterning, which is also available for order.

Another big change: SwissLitho, a company in Zurich where the NanoFrazor appeared and that joined Heidelberg Instruments in 2018, is now called Heidelberg Instruments Nano. Engineers of both companies are actively collaborating: the recently released laser add-on for the NanoFrazor Explore is the first result of this joint effort.

We hope that this website will help you easily navigate our tools and applications and facilitate the process of contacting our sales team and customer service.


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