NanoFrazor gets a Laser Extension

NanoFrazor gets a Laser Extension

NanoFrazor Explore is now a hybrid system for mix & match lithography. Our thermal probe nanolithography tool has been upgraded with a laser module for increased throughput.

The standard NanoFrazor resist – PPA (polyphtalaldehyde) – can also be directly patterned using a focused laser. The Direct Laser Sublimation (DLS) NanoFrazor extension enables this capability and will be integrated in the NanoFrazor Explore and on request in the NanoFRazor Professional.

The DLS quickly patterns large features (> 500 nm resolution) in the same resist layer that is nanostructured by the heated NanoFrazor tip (< 500 nm resolution). Consequently, the total fabrication time for devices that require both large and small patterns (e.g. electric contacts) is reduced dramatically.

Very accurate alignment between the written micro- and nanometer features is achieved using the integrated AFM imaging and overlay capability. Autofocus of the laser relies on the distance sensor of the NanoFrazor cantilevers. The autofocus works even on non-standard samples that usually complicate optical or pneumatic autofocus mechanisms.

The DLS module has been beta-tested at Harvard University, Forschungszentrum Jülich and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The commercial version of the system will be soon sent to the first customers and is available for orders. Check the NanoFrazor Explore fact sheet for specifications or contact Heidelberg Instruments Nano for more information.


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