Maskless Aligner breaks micrometer resolution limit

Maskless Aligner breaks micrometer resolution limit

The success story continues. Following its entry into the market in 2015, the MLA150 Maskless Aligner from Heidelberg Instruments has evolved into an established workhorse for microfabrication at universities and research institutions throughout the world. The MLA150 is a high-speed maskless lithography tool featuring capabilities that at one time used to be exclusive to traditional Mask Aligners. Until recently, the system could produce structures down to 1 µm, however, a new high-resolution version further increases the systems capabilities to minimum structure sizes of 0.6 µm. The high-resolution MLA150 will be officially introduced at the MNE 2018 in Copenhagen.

“The feedback from our customers is amazing and it proves that we took the right decision with the design and development of the Maskless Aligner”, states Steffen Diez, CSO and former Product Manager of the MLA. “With the introduction of the high-resolution version, we expect an even stronger market penetration in the field of advanced research and development. It is not difficult to predict that traditional photolithography will sooner or later disappear from the research labs and be replaced by maskless technologies. The MLA proves that this is possible.”

While many microfabrication applications require feature sizes of one micron and above, there is a continuing strong demand from the research community for high-resolution lithography. Typical examples include advanced sensors, wave-guides and optical gratings.

With its new high-resolution optics and a specified resolution of down to 600 nm, the MLA150 high-resolution version fulfils those requirements. With appropriate photoresist and intensive process tuning, structure sizes even down to 500 nm have been achieved.

In addition, new features like the high aspect ratio mode or the advanced field alignment enable new possibilities for applications in areas such as micro-fluidics, MEMS or electronic packaging.


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