Key Features

Small & Unconventional Substrates

Many applications require lithography on special samples other than the standard wafer and mask formats. We gathered a lot of experience on different requirements with different substrates.

In research, small pieces of wafers are most commonly used. Therefore, our complete R&D product portfolio is specialized to work also easily on samples as small as a few millimeters.

Other applications require to perform lithography on unconventional shaped substrates like long rods, prisms, or even curved surfaces. Talk to us if your application requires unusual substrates. Most our standard systems can handle already a wide variety of substrates, but we can also develop custom systems for almost any size and kind of substrate. Heidelberg Instruments manufactures the stages in-house at our headquarters in Heidelberg.

Polished crystals

High-resolution patterning of a polished crystal prism using the NanoFrazor.

Stage systems

Custom-made stages of almost any size are made in-house at Heidelberg Instruments.

Wafer pieces

Successfully exposed wafer piece of a few millimeters in each dimension. Thanks to the optical autofocus, the exposure quality is retained even at the uneven edges.

4-inch Wafers

The NanoFrazor Explore can perform high resolution direct writing on standard 4-inch wafers (and with some restriction even on 6-inch wafers).




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