Key Features

High Aspect Ratio

MEMS, microfluidics and other applications often require microstructures with high aspect ratio. Our direct-write lithography systems can directly expose thick resists like SU-8. Perfectly straight vertical walls can be obtained, because the diameter of entrance pupil can be adjusted so that the depth of field (DOF) becomes very large (reducing numerical aperture).

Features with ultra-high lateral resolution and aspect ratio can be produced by etch amplification using reactive ion etching. While we do not offer etch tools, we support our customers with a wide collection of recipes for ultra-high resolution etch transfer.    

Gearwheel in thick SU-8

800-µm-thick SU-8 resist was exposed in one step using the MLA150. The depth of field was optimized to achieve straight vertical walls over the full film thickness.

Lines and spaces

Exposure of 10-µm-thick resist (AZ 9260) with 2 µm and 4 µm lines and spaces.
Courtesy of CMi EPFL

Silicon fins

Ultra-high resolution features with high aspect ratio in Si. The structures were written only a few nanometer deep into PPA with a NanoFrazor Explore. Using a sequential infiltration synthesis processes and hard masks, the structures could be etched deep into Si while maintaining smooth walls.
Courtesy of imec, publication Marneffe et al. in ACS Nano 2018

100x amplification in Si

High-resolution features written 35nm-deep into PPA using the NanoFrazor Explore and amplified to 4-µm-depth in Si using two reactive ion etching steps.
Courtesy LMIS1 at EPFL, publication Lisunova MEE 2017




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