High aspect ratio lithography

The study of microfluidics is used to replicate real-world chemical reactions or enable detection of the smallest amounts of substances. A perfect example of this is the “lab-on-a-chip” where chemical or biological reactions are observed on the microscale, thereby enhancing the efficiency and enabling the application in constricted/controlled conditions. Other examples include microfluidic chips which serve as sensors or “bio-chips” which are used for protein/DNA analysis or for diagnostics of microscopic blood samples.

Smooth surface

Large structures in thick photoresist

High aspect ratio structures

Vertical sidewalls

High resolution

Pattern small-diameter holes and narrow channels

Grayscale lithography

Used to pattern either simple or complex 2.5D topographies (e.g. tapered channels)

High aspect ratio

Tall channels with vertical side walls

No undercut

The structure can be used for replication

Application images

suitable Systems

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