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Direct Write Lithography
Micro-lens arrays and complex Fresnel lenses have become a key element of any compact camera optic, driven by the evolution of smartphones and tablets that require advanced and miniaturized optics. These microlenses can be used in wave-front sensors, for fiber coupling, or for homogenizing light sources.

The creation of such a state-of-the-art technology begins with grayscale lithography. Using grayscale lithography, a mold is generated which can then be replicated via LIGA to create a metal shim, which can then be used as a master tool for used for molding, imprinting, or hot embossing. In addition to lenses, grayscale lithography is used to fabricate numerous other micro-optical elements such as micro-prisms, waveguides, blazed gratings, CGH’s and even specialty security labels.

Due to the strict requirements in the fabrication of diffraction gratings, standard lithography methods such as interference lithography are not suitable. Direct Write Lithography, however, allows for the quick and precise manufacturing of VLS and standard gratings.

Our DWL series includes a variety of high-performance Grayscale lithography systems: The DWL 66+ represents the ideal R&D tool, offering all levels of grayscale lithography along with a multitude of options. At the higher end of our DWL series we offer the DWL 2000 GS/ DWL 4000 GS which comes equipped with an air-bearing stage, our professional grayscale package, along with our high accuracy coordinate system as a standard.

3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting
The MPO 100, using the Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP) process, enables the generation of refractive and diffractive microoptical elements with arbitrary shapes in an arbitrary arrangement on a large variety of substrates.
This unlimited freedom of design is a unique feature compared to conventional techniques, and it thus provides the solution for novel device architectures to cope with the increasing demand of creating miniaturized devices with multiple functions.

Using the MPO 100, individual micro-lenses or micro-lens arrays can be fabricated directly on photonic chips, substrates or optical fibers which can be implemented in endoscopic devices for in- and outcoupling purposes. Secondly, replication masters can be manufactured, providing mass production capabilities of sophisticated optical designs.

Very precise shape control

Excellent surface roughness

High throughput also for very deep applications

No stitching effect

High resolution

Flexible substrate sizes for different applications

Diffraction gratings: Strict requirements for surface quality, groove position, and groove profile

Resolution down to 300 nm

Required for the fabrication of sub-micron waveguides

Stitching reduction functions

Allowing smooth surfaces of large micro-optical elements in thick photoresist

Substrates from small pieces to G8 panel sizes

Our systems offer the possibility to choose the right stage size for your application

Shape optimization

Used to simplify the compensation of the nonlinear effects of Grayscale Lithography

High precision stage system for accurate pattern placement

Used to perfectly position micro-optic devices

Application specific writemode to optimize resolution and throughput

The choice of write modes enables to make the right compromise for your application

High-power diode laser

Allows the exposure of thick resist at high speed

Application images

suitable Systems

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