3D Microprinted Scaffold Structures for Tissue Engineering

3D microprinted scaffold structures are used in tissue engineering

The MPO 100, the 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting tool based on Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP) technology is an ideal multi-user tool for working on different applications with varying demands on the printing process.

By materializing complex designs in just one process step, structures like this 3D microprinted human ear scaffold (shown above, 44 (X) x 59 (Y) x 15 (Z) mm) can be easily realized.
The “ear” was fabricated using OrmoComp® (product by micro resist technology GmbH) material, a well-established material in microfabrication exhibiting high optical performance, high mechanical and chemical stability as well as biocompatility of the cured structures. Scaffolds like this are characterized by their interconnected pore geometry and can be used in tissue engineering to promote cell growth.

The MPO 100 offers unique solutions for additive manufacturing, with printing heights of over 1 cm, a surface roughness of down to 10 nm, resolutions down to 100 nm and scan speeds over 1000 mm/s. Fields of applications are micro-optics, photonics, micro-mechanics, and biomedical engineering.


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